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Ibiza Location management

Somos capaces de gestionar su casa, apartamento o propiedad como posibilidad de localización para trabajos cinematográficos, fotográficos, artísticos, publicitarios, etc.

“Toni Guasch and his team at My Home Ibiza have been doing the management and maintenance for my property in Ibiza for 10 years. When he took on the house various reforms and improvements were needed and I know that building in Ibiza can be a headache. Toni managed all the renovations and repairs and liaised with the contractors involved. All I had to do was have meetings with him and approve the paperwork. My home Ibiza continues to manage all cleaning and gardening staff, and prepares the house for myself and my guests. He also looks after all the admin that comes with home ownership, including looking after my car. When I land in Ibiza I am collected from the airport and I arrive at the house to find everything immaculate and prepared for me, right down to the fridge being fully stocked and flowers on the table. My guests are made to feel so welcome and enjoy very much this five star service. Throughout the winter Toni and his workers spend time improving the property so that it never falls below the level of excellence he has reached. Nothing is ever too much trouble. If a crisis occurs My home Ibiza arrives immediately and solves every problem promptly and efficiently. I have to say having My home Ibza looking after my house means I do not have to worry about anything. I am extremely grateful and would recommend Toni to anyone. He is one of the most trustworthy and reliable people I have ever met.”

My Home Ibiza has been managing our property in Ibiza for 8 years. We have very exacting standards and are very fortunate to have Toni. Nothing is too much for him. The property operates at an extremely efficient level with good levels of maintenance and cleaning. Always ready when we arrive, at whatever point in the year. Centralising the admin and billing for the property makes my life so much easier. I no longer have to spend time talking to all the different people involved. Toni does it all. Running a house on Ibiza as a second home is like running a small company. I am relieved to have found the right person for the job. I would urge anyone with a second home in Ibiza to put the right team in charge. My Home Ibiza is that management team.

Having a property in Ibiza could have turned out to be a nightmare. Neither of us speak good Spanish so it was vital to find a company that could help us and we met Toni Guasch at My Home Ibiza. Toni always delivers on time, something we take very much for granted, but it turns out this is not so common. He is totally trustworthy, completely reliable, and an extremely nice person. My Home Ibiza does the management, maintenance, cleaning and also the change overs when the apartment is visited by family and friends. He is an Ibicenc which means he knows the workings of the Ibiza as an insider and yet he is fluent in English which was such a bonus. We always look forward to arriving at the apartment and love to see the touches he has made to make our stay even better.

My family owns two large properties on the island that we use but also rent out. I used to do all the management and maintenance myself and my headache got bigger. Someone recommended that I talk to Toni Guasch at My Home Ibiza. I immediately handed over the two houses to him. He worked through every aspect so thoroughly, room by room. He did contracts, inventories, check ins/outs for all our rental guests. He was discrete with some of our celebrity clients and always calm with our demanding ones. I found that with Toni in charge, it became a pleasure again to have these houses. Toni has been running the show from the island now for 3 years now, meaning I could take a complete step back and get on with what I do best. I am extremely grateful to know everything on Ibiza is as it should be.

I own a couple of properties outside San Antonio in Ibiza and work in Africa. Due to lack of management, maintenance and cleaning the problems that I had to deal with were plentiful, including having the electricity cut off. I discovered My Home Ibiza and everything has turned around. I cannot express the relief I feel. The apartments now are in full working order, all paperwork up to date, and they always ready for the arrival of guests. I am so thrilled that I am considering renting out my apartments to paying guests. I couldn´t be happier. Toni is a really nice person, extremely sincere and reliable.

Toni has been doing all the maintenance, oversees the cleaning, and sets up the house before our arrival and has been doing this for around 4 years. Toni is always available for meetings and responds immediately to an emergency or a call for help or advice. He has made ongoing improvements to the property, including fencing the perimeter, and has fixed the leaks we had in the roof. It is good to know he is at the end of a phone or just a drive away.
I have no hesitation recommending his management services.